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a disc ethics question 
09:13pm 22/07/2005
  okay, so i'm out here in Ft. Collins and i was playing at Edora park the other day. there was a kid in the water of the lake there looking for something. i asked what he had lost and he said, "nothing in particular, but anything there on the land there is for trade or sale."

i found a pro Valkrye which i've thought about purchasing for a while, good shape. i bought it from him for $5. later, as i was finishing up the round i saw him again and asked him casually if he was Brad, the name written on the disc, he said "no."

so, now i have this disc with a name and phone number on it that this kid found at the bottom of the lake and sold to me. what is the disc-ethical thing to do? call the guy? just keep it?
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Oh, woe is my game... 
09:07pm 21/07/2005
  Those few of you who happen to read my ramblings at howardtayler already know my shoulder is hosed.


I can't drive, period (drive from the tee-pad, I mean. I can drive my car fine.) I had a Type 1 separation (non-displaced sprain of the AC ligament with impingement of the CC ligament) in my right shoulder, and not only can I not throw right-handed, any left-handed throw that requires energetic torso rotation (like a good side-arm drive) hurts almost as much.

The only spot of good news is that I've pulled my discs out of the trunk of my car, and set up my practice basket in the back yard. Maybe, just maybe, if I practice enough left-handed side-arm putting for the next two months, then by the time I heal up enough to drive, I'll have a decent game in me.

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Fair Trade? 
07:09pm 21/07/2005
  So, what do y'all think of this? I headed over to the course to get some putting practice. When I got there Girls League was just starting and there was a large group of them heading off the first pad. I went over to the putting pin and there were three kids there trying to putt. I worked with them for a bit and they were telling me about this nice girl who gave them their discs. After about half and hour they decided that my discs were "Ace #1s", and that they just had to trade me. I resisted for a while, but then figured what the heck, if it made them happy (and shut them up). I couldn't trade away all my putters, so I took them over to my car. I laid out my discs in three piles: DX, Pro/EX, CE and other discs I wasn't willing to trade. They all had Pro and EX discs, so I told them I would trade Pro for Pro or Pro for 2 DX. After a few trades, some trials and changes of mind here's what we swapped for.
Kid 1: Pro C Roc for Pro MRV
Kid 2: Pro C Roc for EX XL
Kid 3: EX Storm for DX Putter and DX Archangel.

That seemed fair to me, and they all loved their discs. What do you think? Also, the girl who gave them the discs left her number written on them. I was thinking of calling her to see if she wanted them back, but figured she might be offended that they wanted to trade, or offended that I had agreed to trade.
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12:43am 17/07/2005
mood: okay
hi pholks!
im new.

any people from portland here?
just curious.

glad to be here.
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So I was thinking... 
03:47pm 13/07/2005
  Since most of us seem to be just regular players and non-professionals, I thought it might be cool if we could all pick a course near each of us that have the same or a similar total par. We could compare scores and give each other encouragement... I'd suggest an online tournament, but I am only a poor starving artist and can't pony up for a prize. Personally, I think it'd help me improve, being in a competition that's not really a competition.

The closest course to me is mixed par (and I was only six over there yesterday, even with two in the bushes and one in the water). The one I like playing best could definitely be played as all par 3's.

Whaddya think?
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08:51am 12/07/2005
mood: psyched

I played Edora park here in Ft. Collins. I had a great round - I was 9 over for 18 holes (assuming a par 3) & I introduced a new person to the game. Some random guy walked up to me on 12 and asked if he could play with me and if I would teach him how to play.

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Today I mourn my 'birthplace' 
11:44am 11/07/2005
  I arrived in Ft. Collins, CO last night excited to play again at the first course I ever played.

It doesn't exist any more!!!!!

Colorado State took out their on-campus course... I'm crushed. I was so looking forward to playing it a little easy.

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07:10am 06/07/2005
mood: Crazed
Retarded amount of fireworks: $452
Food and Beer for 18 closest friends and family: $322
Parking passes for discgolf: $15
Tent and camping gear: $310
One gallon of gasoline in plastic milk container w/ 4 M-80's duct taped to it: (roughly) $4.50
Setting yourself on fire in front of closest friends and family: Priceless

Forth of July rules!
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Have I got a hole for you! 
08:29am 05/07/2005
mood: blah
Nah, this isn't my famous Mexican hooker story. Sorry.

We played three courses this weekend. A round at Riverside Park on Friday, where Brother Ben and I left off keeping score after both of us lost discs on 14, the same water hazard that swallowed my white Eagle a couple weeks ago. Ben had gotten into town the day before and played Riverside while I was at work and had lost a disc then as well. Fortunately, there was a guy there in waders, poking around for discs and he grabbed ours out for us. The two we'd just lost, anyway. Ben's shot from Thursday remains in a watery grave. Hole 14 at Riverside is the liquid equivalent of Charlie Brown's kite-eating tree.

Saturday we played Old Farm Park. Being as the front nine is wooded, I had to give in to Ben's "house rule": hit four trees, and you must sing the first verse of Monty Python's lumberjack song... I went five over for the day.

Sunday we played nine at Brewer Park. This is one of our faves to play when Ben's in town. Has four nine-hole, color-coded courses, mix of wooded and wide open, long fairways up and down hills. My favorite's the blue course, back in the trees, short and technical. Hole 4 on the blue course is a straight shot down a pretty steep slope, through the trees. Here's a couple shots of it.

One from the tee...

And one with a better view of the basket.

Now that I think on it, I should get a couple more pics from this course. Hole 6 is a straight shot to the tee... through trees spaced anywhere from two to six feet apart.

No, I didn't sing Sunday.
Disc Golf is for Christians? 
04:06pm 04/07/2005
  Don't know why, but I find it amusing that Rev. Gordon Atkinson of Real Live Preacher fame plays disc golf. Probably shouldn't surprise me though. I always meet such a wide variety of people while playing.  
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Blustery Day 
03:57pm 04/07/2005
  While I often curse the wind, it sometimes makes for some of the most fun games. Yesterday was so windy that my approach shot on hole 4 blew back over my head and landed behind me. A big gust hit me on 5 causing a bad release which was taken further by the wind. That wasn't all bad as I found a 171g Fly-Dye EZ-Crush while searching for it. After throwing five over par by hole 6 I had given up and was just throwing for fun. Problem was that even with the wind there was still a ten minute wait at each pad. I gave up after ten holes and went home to come back later. After the wind died down I went back and had a decent game. Much better, but not as fun.  
I love my 
03:41am 02/07/2005
  I'm officially declaring Lakeview Disc Golf Course at Moraine State Park (Pennsylvania) as my "home course."

I've had the chance to play it a number of times now and I love it, it's the perfect combination of challenging and fun. You'll contend with trees, brush, a very challenging layout, wind, swarming bugs some long holes, but you'll love it. I'm very impressed by the job that the Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society did on this course - it was very worth the wait.

Course Map & Hole-By-Hole OverviewCollapse )
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What a crummy little course... 
07:58pm 01/07/2005
  Naturally, my opinion of this course is a mixture of sour grapes and sucky drives.

Having a third course within a half-hour drive of my house seemed wonderful. The Saratoga Hills course, however, is posted PRIVATE (for residents of the Saratoga Hills subdivision only), and is too close to row upon row of back yards. I didn't have to actually compound my violation of the private course with trespassing on homeowners, but the way some of my drives go wild, it would only be a matter of time -- if I ever bother to play the course again.

So... the course is too short, there's no shade anywhere, the baskets are all single-chain, and the teepads are non-existent. Grass tee-pads are one thing. "Throw from behind the previous pin," as the sign said, is silly -- especially since a good drive requires even ground, and the pins are on the least even ground of the whole site.

I shouldn't complain about the course being too short, though. I still didn't par the bloody thing. I deuced #9, but if I counted my puddle-hits as water-hazard penalty strokes, I shot 3 over.

Aren't you glad YOU don't live in Utah?

07:37pm 30/06/2005
mood: dorky
I'm super psyched about Disc Golf Live if I can't catch it on my local public access channels I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy the DVD's
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New to me 
01:06pm 30/06/2005
mood: nerdy
I've decided that I like William Harbin Park.... alot.
I shot 12 under par today.
I'm making it my personal mission to play 3 new courses this week.
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Pappa's got a brand new bag 
01:32pm 29/06/2005
mood: nerdy
I just bought the coolest Innova bag with a set of quadshocks at Disc 'N Dat this is very quickly becoming my new favorite place for impulsive purchases.
I had been using this silly shoulder sling type quasi bookbag thing... now I know why people like the quadshocks so much.... "like butter"
03:13pm 28/06/2005
mood: confused
Holy Crap!
I just got berated and insulted for joining this Community because apparently my ex girlfriend was a member... what the hell?
woman are crazy.
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11:31am 28/06/2005
mood: ecstatic
I just drove to Cleveland on a wild tangent and discovered Hudson Springs Park.... Super nice course where I ( Trumpets please ) got my second ace on hole 6... I love this game... I've only been playing for about two months but I'm so frickin addicted. I'm thinking of playing some tourneys this year.
- Evil Blue Crayon -
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FG video game 
01:20pm 27/06/2005
  Anyone seen this?

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What's in your bag? 
08:32pm 26/06/2005
  Since there are such a wide assortment of discs, I was wondering what is in everyonr's bag? And what do you consider to be your bread and butter(favorite disc)?

As for me it's something like this:
168g Pro Starfire
150g Dragon
167g DX Valkyrie
169g CE TeeBird
171g Stratus
169g CE Spider
177g San Marino Roc
Putt & Approach:
171g Soft Challenger
172g Omega SuperSoft
169g XD

My favorite disc has to be my CE Spider. I just love the feel of it and it has a nice and straight flight path with a little fade at the end. If I could carry only one disc, this one would be it for me.
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