Jason (oduwildman) wrote in disc_golf,

A great round ... ACK

After learning the game at the course in Newport News, Va., I've been off and on playing for the last six years or so. I moved to Pennsylvania nine months ago and started playing at some courses up there. At my best, I was shooting regularly under par from the whites at Newport News. A few years passed and I was struggling just to get six over or something once I started playing again.

Now after coming back for a weekend, I was playing Newport News and shot two under, the first under par round from the whites in years for me. To top it all off, I lost an MRV on 17, one of the most open holes on the course. How the hell does that happen? UGH.

Back to the scoring. I've been playing at this place in Lancaster, Pa. called Buchmiller Park. It doesn't look to hard, but I thought I was just sucking ass big time. After playing nearly 10 times at Buchmiller, my scores are hovering around 10-over, even on my good days. I can't get a rhythm going and I'm throwing my discs every which way but straight.

I come back to Newport News and all things are right. I'm birdieing holes I've not birdied before and I'm parring the longest holes on the course, something that happened once in a blue moon. I've never parred 2 and 17 on the same round ever, and boom, did it today. Then the lost disc.... after my drive on 17, I threw another, since I'd been throwing it well all day, i wanted to see how it drove, after throwing a teebird off the tee.

I'm guessing Buchmiller is just that much more difficult. I've never been so frustrated at a course, except for maybe the one in Montgomery County, Va. near Virginia Tech ... if some of you have played it, it's in the woods, on a mountain. Nearly everything has to be a meat toss or hammer throw. Backhand and sidearm players are at a huge disadvantage.

I feel good about a great round at a course in Newport News that I'd not played well in a while, just a bitch to lose a disc i've been throwing well lately.
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