Zooey (zooey27) wrote in disc_golf,

Sometimes you just don't know what to say

So I'm crossing the US-Canada border into the US with my husband tonight. We're both obsessive golfers, and my trunk is full of our discs. John is wearing an Innova hat even.

It's like 11:30 and the border guard is bored. He reacts to every statement as if I'm lying. I just want to say, sir, why would I make up that stupid of a life story? Then he asks us to pop the trunk.

He rumages around back there for a few minutes. May I add the window has a bunch of disc golf stickers, including PDGA, and my license plate frame says "I'd rather be disc golfing." He comes back to my window and asks where we're going again. Then he asks in a really accusing voice "so what are you doing with all those frisbees?"

I was a little taken off guard, or else I would have answered "well, we have a lot of dogs."
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