Jason (oduwildman) wrote in disc_golf,

Not a fan of the Oak Grove Fargo, ND course

My home course is Newport News Park in Newport News, Va., so I'm inclined to include that as my favorite course that I've played, but I'm in Fargo covering the USA Wrestling Cadet & Junior National wrestling championships and found the course at Oak Grove to be quaint, but really irritating.

The first hole was simple enough and a good lane for my t-bird to shoot through, but I treed it right off the bat. Not playing too seriously and still trying to get a feel for my new Roc, I chucked that about 30 feet from the hole after a skip on the dryed out riverbed.

The other holes played short, averaging about 230 a piece. I've finally refined my throwing style and I'm getting about 300 per throw now, but once I got to hole five, I was completely confused. I walked around the park for a good 20 mins trying to find the basket. The only one I could see that was in line with the teebox (which they did have, which is a plus) was on the first hole? Did they double up?

This looked more like a dog park than anything, but it really lacked any tenacity or bite. Just throw and boom. I parred out every hole I attempted and didn't even try to throw a full round, since baskets seems to be broken or missing.

Anyone else played here?

It's not as bad as the Blacksburg, Va. course (on a rocky, hilly, heavily wooded mountain), but I still think NN is the best I've played. When I move to PA, i'm sure I'll play some solid ones.

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