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January disc golf? 
02:20pm 22/01/2009
  Anybody still read around this community? I'm getting the disc golf bug again. That's probably because my girlfriend gave me a portable disc golf basket for Christmas. Luckily, I'm in Florida, so I've already gotten to enjoy it a few times. Who else plays in January?? :-)  
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Windy day...no good for me >_ 
11:40am 19/05/2008
mood: cheerful
So I'm pretty new to Disc Golf.  I've been playing for about 3 months now.  But I find it to be a lot of fun, and I'm learning a lot from the other people I play with.  Due to that, I have been out driving a lot of my friends who have been playing for 2+ years.  I feel accomplished, w00t.  (most of the time they make fun and say I'm on steroids, which I am not, and I guess I challange them to play better since I'm the only girl who can throw a 300+ foot drive out of our group.)  But the one problem I have is putting from about 10 or 15 feet away from the hole.  The way I put is I hold my putter vertically and toss it that way like I'm tossing a set of keys to someone, and that has been pretty good to me.  But the other day when I was playing in Kilbourne (charlotte N.C.) it was a windy day and my vertical puts would get pushed out of the way by the wind.  I've seen my friends puts and they do it the normal way of tossing it horizontially.  But I'm not too good at that.  When I drive, I always use my forehand, no matter what.  so back hand is not too good with me.

Anyone have any advice?  
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Invitation to Ultimutation 2008 - Frisbee Festival in Egypt. 09.02.2008 
06:11pm 15/01/2008
  Hey all!!!

Are you bored to waiting for global warming?
Does your heating bill eat all your money?

Its time for action!!!

Pack your winter stuff in the wardrobe cause summer is here.
Winter becomes hot with us!


We represent Ultimutation - international Frisbee-Festival in Dahab (Egypt) on the coast of the Red Sea.

Waiting for you:

  • Cloudless sky and brilliant sunshine

  • Gold beaches and the ultramarine sea

  • Cool sexy people

The Frisbee-Tournament is about rocking not winning.

Hang  with us and you have 100% Action.

We offer a full throttle program with best DJs and Animators, which will energize you around the clock,
so the trip becomes a Fulltime party.

PS. The space is limited.

Hot is hot:  http://www.ultimutation.com/

back at it 
02:41pm 29/07/2006
mood: pleased (and rambly)
After a multi-year hiatus from disc (started to learn to play at De LaVeaga with my ex, then didn't know any courses in my new area when I moved, always used his spare discs when I played, etc), I've been dragged out a couple times this year and finally found a couple places to play in the burning hellhole of Sacramento. Trying to leap into it with both feet, bought a few discs on an obsessed friend's recommendation (Aviar, a Roc, and an Archangel, all DX), and managing to drag a few other friends into it too, hopefully. Now I just have to teach myself how to throw sidearm :p

Anybody from the area, and played anywhere but Shady Oaks?
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A great round ... ACK 
08:04pm 16/05/2006
  After learning the game at the course in Newport News, Va., I've been off and on playing for the last six years or so. I moved to Pennsylvania nine months ago and started playing at some courses up there. At my best, I was shooting regularly under par from the whites at Newport News. A few years passed and I was struggling just to get six over or something once I started playing again.

Now after coming back for a weekend, I was playing Newport News and shot two under, the first under par round from the whites in years for me. To top it all off, I lost an MRV on 17, one of the most open holes on the course. How the hell does that happen? UGH.

Back to the scoring. I've been playing at this place in Lancaster, Pa. called Buchmiller Park. It doesn't look to hard, but I thought I was just sucking ass big time. After playing nearly 10 times at Buchmiller, my scores are hovering around 10-over, even on my good days. I can't get a rhythm going and I'm throwing my discs every which way but straight.

I come back to Newport News and all things are right. I'm birdieing holes I've not birdied before and I'm parring the longest holes on the course, something that happened once in a blue moon. I've never parred 2 and 17 on the same round ever, and boom, did it today. Then the lost disc.... after my drive on 17, I threw another, since I'd been throwing it well all day, i wanted to see how it drove, after throwing a teebird off the tee.

I'm guessing Buchmiller is just that much more difficult. I've never been so frustrated at a course, except for maybe the one in Montgomery County, Va. near Virginia Tech ... if some of you have played it, it's in the woods, on a mountain. Nearly everything has to be a meat toss or hammer throw. Backhand and sidearm players are at a huge disadvantage.

I feel good about a great round at a course in Newport News that I'd not played well in a while, just a bitch to lose a disc i've been throwing well lately.
02:53pm 17/04/2006
  i went golfing yesturday and found out theres a new course in oak creek near drexel and howell. great new course some woods but not bad. i'm just glad that theres one closer to milwaukee then driving so far.

has anyone else tried this course?
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Disc Golf Athens 
05:18pm 11/04/2006
  Disc golf comes to Athens...

Disc Golf in Ithaca NY 
01:15pm 11/04/2006
  Up until last year (I've been told) Ithaca has had a very small disc golf presence. But things are changing for the better! A 9 hole semi-permanent course is in at Cornell University and later this month we're putting in an 18 hole course at TC3 (Tompkins-Cortland Community College).

The ACES (amateur club event series) starts on the 29th here in Ithaca and the state championships will be here this year as well.

Check out DiscIthaca for news and updates about disc golf in the area.
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Highbridge Hills 
09:26am 11/04/2006
  I don't disc golf, but the Highbridge Hills Sports Complex looked like a golf discers dream. They currently have 4 courses in the northern Wisconsin woods, with plans to add two more. And now the link for your drooling pleasure...

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Left handed luck 
09:55pm 27/03/2006
mood: disappointed
Hello all.... it's been a while.
I've recently been in an automobile accident and as a result had to have my right arm amputated.
Being that I was right handed I intend on trying to relearn using my left hand.
Anyone have any advice? possibly different disks to buy?
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Google Maps... 
07:55pm 27/03/2006
mood: restless
Of Wisconsin courses
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11:30pm 23/01/2006
  Alright, I have a confession... I don't know ANYTHING about disc golf. I've never been discing and it wasn't until today that I knew that there was more to it than just throwing a disc thingy into a chain net. I was so taken back when my boyfriend told me he has over 8 discs (8?? I thought you only used 1!!) So I need all of your guys' help! My boyfriend really wants a disc bag but doesn't want to buy one for himself so I thought I'd surprise him with one. What kind of bags are good? I don't want one thats too expensive, but I don't want to get him a little cheap piece of crap, either. Any help you can give me would be AMAZING!

Thanks :)
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Fall color time in Michigan 
02:36pm 02/11/2005
  With winter coming on, I've been trying to get out as much as possible and play a bit before it snows. With the color change, it's been especially nice, and I thought I'd share a few pics I took earlier this week at Grand Rapids' Riverside Park.

Here's the basket at hole 6.

A view from the tee at hole 7. The basket is behind that second line of trees.

View from the 8th tee. The basket is behind that large far tree, just to the left of the bridge. Off to the left side of this photo is the pond that ate my red Viper.
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03:56pm 31/10/2005
  Yesterday in College Station's course in Research Park, I scored a hole in one on hole #14. I think this is my 3rd hole-in-one since I started playing in 1990.  
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07:04pm 18/09/2005
disc golf in kirkwood californiaCollapse )
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01:22pm 05/09/2005
  disc golf in truckee, californiaCollapse )  
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Sometimes you just don't know what to say 
12:43am 29/08/2005
  So I'm crossing the US-Canada border into the US with my husband tonight. We're both obsessive golfers, and my trunk is full of our discs. John is wearing an Innova hat even.

It's like 11:30 and the border guard is bored. He reacts to every statement as if I'm lying. I just want to say, sir, why would I make up that stupid of a life story? Then he asks us to pop the trunk.

He rumages around back there for a few minutes. May I add the window has a bunch of disc golf stickers, including PDGA, and my license plate frame says "I'd rather be disc golfing." He comes back to my window and asks where we're going again. Then he asks in a really accusing voice "so what are you doing with all those frisbees?"

I was a little taken off guard, or else I would have answered "well, we have a lot of dogs."
Cleveland Disc Golf... 
08:15pm 26/07/2005
mood: good
Anyone here from cleveland? I am going out there on business and am lookin for some places to play on weekends and some evenings and stuff. so yeah, if you could let me know of any that would be awesome.
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07:37pm 25/07/2005
mood: cranky
This would have been a beautiful day for disc golf... this sucks
Not a fan of the Oak Grove Fargo, ND course 
06:18pm 22/07/2005
  My home course is Newport News Park in Newport News, Va., so I'm inclined to include that as my favorite course that I've played, but I'm in Fargo covering the USA Wrestling Cadet & Junior National wrestling championships and found the course at Oak Grove to be quaint, but really irritating.

The first hole was simple enough and a good lane for my t-bird to shoot through, but I treed it right off the bat. Not playing too seriously and still trying to get a feel for my new Roc, I chucked that about 30 feet from the hole after a skip on the dryed out riverbed.

The other holes played short, averaging about 230 a piece. I've finally refined my throwing style and I'm getting about 300 per throw now, but once I got to hole five, I was completely confused. I walked around the park for a good 20 mins trying to find the basket. The only one I could see that was in line with the teebox (which they did have, which is a plus) was on the first hole? Did they double up?

This looked more like a dog park than anything, but it really lacked any tenacity or bite. Just throw and boom. I parred out every hole I attempted and didn't even try to throw a full round, since baskets seems to be broken or missing.

Anyone else played here?

It's not as bad as the Blacksburg, Va. course (on a rocky, hilly, heavily wooded mountain), but I still think NN is the best I've played. When I move to PA, i'm sure I'll play some solid ones.

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